Turkcell Subsidiary Astelit Started its Operation

Astelit and Nokia completed the majority of the network deployment in Ukraine.

GSM Network deployment in early 2005 was not easy to complete by the operators because of the technology limitations, big types of equipment and less skilled people. However, on the other hand, restrictions and limitations on the large tower space, cheap labor, and cheap site acquisition were pushing deployment forward.

“It was a great experience to work in such a project which has planned properly with every stage with every stakeholder. Spent a long time in such a beautiful country with great success in planning and deployment”

Ukraine Project Experience

Turkcell's subsidiary company Astelit has been operating in Ukraine and for this fresh network, E2E services completed with more than 100 engineers. Starting from nominal planning and site design, coverage and optimization activities managed day to day and careful team planning and supervising.

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