About 3Cell

3Cell established in 2009 and provided multinational telecom projects for Operators and Vendors over the years.

Professional services like UMTS, LTE consultancy continued with LTE, LTE-A, NB-IoT with network planning, optimization, benchmarking, SWAP, consultancy, and project management. 


We are a highly experienced group of people and partners which makes us strong. Our engineering network is also spread over the continents, hence we can support your project overseas. 


3Cell is following the latest trend in technology and applies to its services including Machine Learning, AI, RPA, and Deep Learning. 


About 3Cell's Innovation

3Cell's solution utilises cutting edge technologies e.g., 3D modelling and AI, utilising autonomous drones to survey cell towers and surrounding areas, providing telecoms service providers with an accurate equipment inventory and a network improvement plan with insights to maximise LTE and 5G coverages.


Telecoms operators can gain these crucial insights without skilled industry professional involvement, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

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