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Implemented ML algorithm for equipment detection first time in Telco

3Cell's advanced machine-learning algorithm works for any equipment vendor; our ML training database is enhanced every day with newly integrated data

Antennas, Remote Radio Units and Microwave database are large enough to trigger the detection mechanism, thanks to our 5G connected drone with edge computing support

About 3Cell

3Cell was established in 2009 and has provided multinational telecom projects for operators and vendors over the years. Professional services included LTE and 5G NR network survey and planning, optimisation for multi-vendor networks, QoE and QoS benchmark for operators. 3Cell is also actively participating in EU H2020 projects, especially 5G beyond, 6G and connected autonomous drone projects.

3Cell has a dedicated R&D team for 5G connected drones for tower inspection to address structural problems with 3D modelling. The current model is already performing in the field for real missions.

elipptic5G - autonomous 5G-Connected drone

elipptic-5G is the leading autonomous drone solution that offers mission-critical tasks with integrated AI for large-scale object detection algorithms and is able to generate a 3D mapping with an editable platform for end users with cloud-based or customer premises options

Government Funded, Academy backed up...

Take control of your drone

elipptic5G is a government-funded project with academic support, and therefore, we have a strong R&D team that follows the latest technology for future autonomous drone development

5G Connected | Autonomous | 3D Modelling

3Cell is a member of the leading UK Organisations

We actively participate in test beds and 5G projects with our experienced Radio Design Team and R&D members. We are looking for organisations to work together...

New ERA - Open RAN

3Cell Innovative Solution is getting into Open RAN design and solution; new technology is getting close attention. The UK is the first country in Europe that the deployment has already started on a large scale, and therefore, 3Cell is involved with site design, including 5G SA, MU-MIMO and so on. 

3Cell is already working on an Open RAN testbed for performing different test cases where the DU/RU impact with stress tests. Stay in touch for further news about it.

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3Cell is ISO certified

3Cell follows ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 standards for their project. We also certified in Security and Information Commissioning Office to make higher standards when we have a consultancy